Monday, November 9, 2009

Gbp vs Jpy and AUD - Market Overview

Gbp vs Jpy (1H) - At this moment, I'm looking forward for a bearish reversal trend either in white or magenta. Therefore, advisable to look for any opportunity towards a bearish entry signal form BSTS later. A pullback from the upper green trendline would bolster towards the alt count in white. Otherwise, please be careful for any bull trap scenario.

AUD (Daily) - At this moment, I believed the bullish trend will going to end soon either refeing to the alt counts in white or yellow (double top). A diagonal triangle pattern in wave 5 indicates that market already in ending stage of bull. Therefore, advisable to look for any opportunity toward any bearish reversal entry signal from BSTS later. Please be careful for any false breakout or bullish trap scenario. Good luck.

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