Monday, February 22, 2010

Gbp vs Jpy, Aud vs Usd, Gbp vs Usd & Usd vs Cad - Market Overview

Gbp vs Jpy (Daily) - At this moment, a breakout towards the bearish continuation critical line 1 would indicate that market may in progress to complete subwave v in aqua or subwave 3 in magenta. Otherwise, we may see a further bullish rally perhap to complete subcorrective wave e in 2 (white).

Aud vs Usd (Daily) - Preferably, I'm looking for a bearish continuation trend scenario to complete subwave 3 either in white or magenta. Please be extra careful for any "bull trap" scenario to complete subwave 2 in magenta. Advisable to look for a bearish entry signal from BSTS later within this week.

Gbp vs Usd (Daily) - At this moment, price already break to white critical line. Favourably, I believed market in progress to perform a bearish continuation trend either in yellow or magenta. Otherwise, please be careful for any strong bounce scenario.

Usd vs Cad (Daily) - Preferably, I believed subwave 2 will be completed soon and looking forwards for an opportunity towards the bullish continuation trend scenario to perform subwave 3. Therefore, advisable to look for any opportunity towards a bullish entry from BSTS later. Otherwise, please be noted that this scenario would be invalid if market break the yellow critical line. Good luck.

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