Monday, February 8, 2010

Gbp vs Jpy, Aud vs Usd & Usd vs Cad - Market Overview

Gbp vs Jpy (4H) - Preferably, I believed market just performed a "bearish trap scenario" and I'm expecting towards a bounce scenario to perform subcorrective wave e/2 in white. Otherwise, we may see another bearish continuation trend scenario refering to the alt count in magenta.

Gbp vs Jpy (Weekly) - I believed market will bounce first to complete subcorrective wave e in aqua 1st before another possibility towards a major bearish continuation trend scenario. Otherwsie, this count would be invalid if there is a strong breakout towards the lower yellow trendline.

Aud vs Usd (Daily) - Favourably, I believed market will perform a bullish retracement trend scenario to perform subwave 2 either in white or magenta before we can see towards another strong major bearish continuation trend scenario to complete a major corrective wave C.

Usd vs Cad (Daily) - I believed market will perform a bearish retracement trend scenario to perform subwave 2 in yellow before expecting for another strong bullish continuation trend scenario. Otherwise, please be careful for a breakout towards the bullish continuation critical line 1. Good luck.

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